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 Defining a domestic worker

'Domestic worker' is defined to include any domestic worker or independent contractor who performs domestic work in a private dwelling. The definition also includes:
  • A person doing gardening in a private home
  • Persons who look after children, the aged, the sick, the frail or the disabled in a private household
  • A person employed to drive the car taking the children of the household to school
    The Definition does not include:
  • A farm worker who performs domestic work in a home on a farm.
    According to the above definitions each employer for whom the domestic worker works more than 24 hours a month, must register the domestic worker and make a UIF contribution.

    Regardless of whether or not a domestic worker works for 24 hours a month, the stipulations highlighted in the SECTORAL DETERMINATION SEVEN are relevant and must be abided by.

    Click here to view and print a summary of the SECTORAL DETERMINATION SEVEN that must be accessible to the domestic worker at his/her place of work.

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