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 What we offer

  • Should you not have registered as an employer with the Department of Labour, we will undertake this task on your behalf, or if you have, you are already one step ahead!
  • We will submit employee details to the UIF monthly depicting any variations to employee personal, pay and termination details.
  • We will provide UIF payment either Monthly or Annually on your behalf through the medium of our paperless authorization electronic bank transfer facility. Confirmations of these transfers will be available for you to view online.
  • We will provide you with an automatically generated contract of employment that is customised to your domestic worker’s conditions of service.
  • We offer an extremely easy to use step-by-step legislative help facility that guides you on each field of entry relating to all aspects of legal compliance.
  • We will supply weekly or monthly payslips for domestic employees working daily, weekly or monthly pay cycles. Although these payslips will be available on the first day of the week or month, they will be e-mailed to you a few days prior to the end of the pay cycle. This will remind you that payday is approaching.
  • UIF Solutions is a real-time online system, meaning that any payslips and information can be accessed instantly.
  • After completion of employee details online, our sophisticated calculation engine will decipher any calendar variation with regards to pay, and will calculate the corrective amounts on the payslips with no intervention from the user.
  • For those unpredictable circumstances, adjustments to payslips can be made 24 hours a day 7 days a week online up until the second last working day of the month.  New adjusted payslips will be available instantly.
  • We offer the facility to automatically apply annual increases at your request.
  • If you provide any additional benefits for your domestic worker i.e. pension, medical aid and provident fund, our comprehensive payslips and reporting will reflect these.
  • We provide a comprehensive but simplistic leave facility that helps track family responsibility / sick and annual employee leave types. We provide the functionality to keep tabs on leave balances, the value of leave due as well as leave taken as well as automatically accrue leave. 
  • Upon termination of employment, we provide you with the contract of service and a facility to provide for legislative termination pay.
  • Current and historical payslips, contracts of employment, certificates of service, leave registers, personal details listing and work registers will be accessible online at any time. You will be able to view and access payslip history online dating back three years as per legislation.
  • UIF Solutions automatically uses the disciplinary code and provides the intelligence to make decisions based on this code. When entering the date of the transgression, and the detail of the transgression, uifsolutions makes an electronic decision and recommends a course of action and by utilizing the event based calendar, automatically knows for how long the transgression outcome is valid for.
  • All of the above will be provided for a minimum charge R 21.69 per month or at a discounted annual rate of R 225.00 per year including vat. This price allows you to provide for up to 3 employees.
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